AS3 FileReference Upload Path Relativity (Bug?)

This behavior (dare I say: bug?) also relates to relative pathing when using a Video object’s load() method. See my post on that here. I’ll repeat some of the information found there, here. In AS3, normally an external file is pathed relative to the housing document (.html or .php, whatever). When supplying the url property […]

AS3 – File Reference Bug

Strangely, a FileReference object declared as a local (function-scope) variable will fail to dispatch events. The file reference must be declared as a non-local persistent variable. Note the following will fail:

The file dialog will open, but the select handler will never be called. If, however, the FileReference reference is created outside the function […]

Multiple File Upload with AS3 and PHP

One of the most handy and unique features of AS3 is the ability to select multiple files at once and upload/download them.  There are lots of classes and assorted wackiness out there on the subject, but here’s the upshot (!): ActionScript 3.0: [as3] var list:FileReferenceList = new FileReferenceList(); list.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, selectHandler, false, 0, true); list.browse(); function […]