Getting Progress (bytesLoaded, bytesTotal) from dynamic XML

Seldom do I use straight XML files anymore; they always seem to be generated from dynamic content, often from PHP running through a DB table.  By dynamically generating the XML file, the system has no way of knowing the size of the final output, so ProgressEvent.PROGRESS listeners will silently fail.  It’s easy enough to remedy […]

PHP – List Most Recent YouTube videos

Include a list (as links, or embeds) of your most recent X videos from a YouTube channel:

Creating a simple RSS feed – the upshot

Really Simple Syndication is simple. Really. The upshot: 1. It’s an XML document (so open it with a standard XML tag)

2. The root node should be an “rss” element with (at minimum) an attribute for the version:

3. Children are described with “title”, “description” and “link” elements. None have required attributes. 4. […]